All users on here may be removed without notice if they do not fulfill the tasks their position makes them responsible for or if there are other individuals more qualified to do their position.

It is important to know that these users do NOT have administrative abilities in Lumber Tycoon 2.

Wiki Administrators/Bureaucrats

Admins are responsible for ensuring that the wiki functions smoothly. They have all the responsibilities and abilities that mods possess, and a few extras. These users are given access to modify essential JS and CSS coding on the wiki under the direction of Jerricks. 

Avatar Username Roblox User
Jerricks Jerricks
Ender01 Endervene
Trainsparency Trainsparency
1011025m 1011025m
Koolboat01 Koolboat01

For more information on administrators' rights, see the Administrators page.

Wiki Moderators

Content Moderators are users who have additional tools available to moderate parts of the community that host the wiki. These tools primarily enable them to help protect articles from vandals. Rollbacks are responsible for undoing vandalism on articles.

Thread moderators are responsible for activity in all threads. They keep these crucial points a safe place and can delete, edit, and lock posts.

Avatar Username Roblox User Position(s)
BobTheBuilder2006 BobTheBuilder2006 Discussion
Skyblaze103 Skyblaze103 Content

Joining the Staff Team

We are currently not recruiting any individuals to join the staff team. Ranks below can be earned through administrator nominations.

Rollbacks are given a tool to quickly undo the most recent edit(s) made by one user. Rollbacks should be rich in knowledge about editing on wikis, and preferably have experience on dealing with spam. Nominees should be active on the wiki for at least a month.

Moderators are required to have the ability of community management, as well as article editing skills in general. Administrators can nominate any devoted individuals who have the interest of participating in activities on the Lumber Tycoon 2 Wiki. Nominees should be active on the wiki for at least a month.

You should NOT ask for those ranks to be given to yourself. Doing this will disqualify you from getting them permanently. Edit-spamming is prohibited.

Administrator and bureaucrat ranks CANNOT be earned through any normal means.

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