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Lumberman is the NPC that appears on the Lumber Tycoon 2 thumbnail, and is exclusively found within the game's files. If one were to move Lumberman from Lighting to Workspace, they'd notice that Lumberman actually has dialogue similar to Thom's, Corey's, and Jenny's dialogue. Unlike the other existing Npcs, it has animations that are from 2006.


Lumberman wears Silverthorn Antlers, a Wrenchpack, a Red Flanel with Bandages, and Black Jeans by Armitroner. He also has the Crazy Game Dev hair, Robloxian 2.0 package, and the Joyous Surprise face.

Lumberman's Axe

In the game files, Lumberman can be found along with an axe slightly different from the Steel Axe used in the thumbnail but is very similar to the Hardened Axe. The axe has been named Lumberman's Axe.

Lumberman's Axe design is identical to the Hardened Axe if the VertexColor is excluded, which has changed it to a slightly darker shade.

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