The Main Biome, also known as the Spawn Area, is the location where all players spawn when they enter the game.

This biome has two stores; Wood R Us and Yes! – it's the Land Store. It has roads leading to the Mountainside, the Boat Dock, the Sand Dock, and the Bridge which leads to the Safari. This is also the entrance to the Taiga.

Plots of land are only available in this biome, and nowhere else. There are 8 plots of land available, but the game's server maxes out at 6 players, meaning at least 2 plots will always be empty. The Cherry Meadow also resides within the biome.

During the Roblox's "Winter Games 2017" Event, the biome and its Rocks and Cliffs were covered in a thin layer of snow but was not as thick as the snow in the Taiga. However, some areas of the biome were not covered in snow, such as the Cherry Meadow, the Sand Dock, the Boat Dock, the sandy area near the Wood Dropoff, and the edges near the Bridge.

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