The Maze Ledge is a very large expanse of rock which narrows into a ledge around The Maze. It is considered a terrain bug.


The maze ledge is the result of the structure of the Maze providing flat areas for players to roam. The ledge consists of 3 major parts. The area the player will arrive at when dropping down is the widest (and safest) part of the ledge, as it is formed by the floor of the Maze. The second area is the ledge above the Maze entrance, which is fairly difficult to get to with a partner alone. This area extends into the wall of the maze and into the floor of the Tropics. The third major part of the Maze ledge is the infamous cliff running along the back perimeter of the Maze. This is also part of the floor structure, though it only protrudes out several studs, so it is extremely risky to take this path. There are also major deviations in this cliff, and the player will need to jump multiple times to get across them. This part of the Maze ledge extends all the way to the Cavecrawler Cavern, where it is blocked by a slanted cliff.

Many players have claimed to have used the Maze ledge to gain access to the Safari Hole and the Cavecrawler cavern, though there are no direct entrances to these places and the claims likely involved the exploitation of certain bugs.

Accessing the Ledge

The Maze Ledge can be accessed mainly one way. One must successfully get onto the roof of the Maze, located in the Tropics, where the player will need to make a deep drop down onto the ledge, which is extremely risky; there is a possibility of falling into the void.

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