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Money is the in-game currency of Lumber Tycoon 2. It can be acquired by selling Wood at the Wood Dropoff, using the Get Money interface or by getting gifted money from another player.

Prior to the game's release, players could be banned for exceeding $20 million. There is currently no limit on the amount of Money a player can have in a game session. However, the maximum that can be saved is $20,000,000. This limit was set due to players having an unfair amount of money by exploiting prior to this.

Get Money


Get Money is a tab within the Menu and is highlighted green, unlike the other tabs. This tab displays an interface showing the different amounts of money that can be bought with Robux. The text at the bottom of the tab reads: "In-game purchases help to support the developer and keep the game updated with new content."

Money Price: Robux
$500 9 Robux
$1,250 25 Robux
$2,500 49 Robux
$5,000 99 Robux
$50,000 999 Robux
$100,000 1,799 Robux

Send Money


Send Money is another tab within the Menu that enables players to give money to other players that are currently in the same server as them. It is unlocked if the player's account is a week old and has a plot of Land.

To donate to another player, one must do these steps:

  • Select the amount of money to give.
  • Choose the player they want to give money to.
  • Click the transfer button to send the money.

If the transfer fails, the player will have their money returned to their acount.

On November 21st, 2016, Defaultio added a cooldown system for the feature, in an attempt to prevent autosave failure duplication.

There used to be an unreported cap of what amount could be sent, but as of September 29th, 2017, the cap was removed.


There is a bug that occurs after every transaction of money using the Send Money tab. The player will be unable to send any more money after sending cash, which can be fixed by clicking "Close" and reopening the menu.