The Mountain Character, also known as Mountain Man, was an anonymous NPC that could be found on the cliffside in between the Taiga and the Volcano. He was later removed in a previous update.

This character was anchored solidly to the ground, but in previous versions, he had the ability to move around freely, and could be pushed by players into any location. Although, his character was not perfected, and he was very prone to walking off of the the edge of Lumberland and fall into the void, or down into the Ocean.


The Mountain Character had an attire exactly similar to Ruhven, the supposed owner of the Yes! – it's the Land Store. He wore the Green Banded Top Hat, Silverthorn Antlers, an xC3110x Suit, and Suit with Red Tie Bottom. He also had the Robloxian 2.0 package, and a constant smile.


"I've heard some gnasty roomers about Gus"

  • "WHAT ARE THEY": "I'm never telling!!!!!!"
  • "Goodbye!": conversation ends