The Mountainside is the direct pathway to the Volcano and is one of the two homeowners of Birch Wood, the other being the Tropics.


This mountain is possibly the highest point that can be accessible in all of Lumber Land, besides the top of the Volcano and structures that players can build on their Land. It consists of patches of green grass along the way, with a long sandy-color gravel path headed straight up the Volcano entrance. It takes a long time to get up the mountain with multiple trailers attached to your car, or if you're carrying a large load of wood. Getting down isn't easy either, because of the constant cliffs you can easily topple over.


Accessing the Mountainside is simple - Drive up the roads leading to the yellow gravel road, which you will want to make a right at when facing Wood R Us. The path leads from the bridge to the mountainside and all the way up, ending at a flat area where the entrace into the volcano is. For more details, see the map to the right.

The Rock Bridge, Swamp, and Volcano can be accessed through the Mountainside. The Volcano can easily be accessed by traveling up the whole mountainside to the peak. At the top, the player will be greeted with a cave that leads into the Volcano Obstacle. The Rock Bridge falls to the right of the volcano, as shown in the map to the right, which will lead them down the path and into a cave that ends at the Swamp. It should be noted that this is a one-way path.

The Mountain Character also was near this location during a short period of time.

During the Roblox's "Winter Games 2017" Event, the Mountainside was not affected by the snow and the challenge.

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