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Oak Wood is the most common type of wood in the game. It can be easily cut with every axe (except the Candy Cane Axe) and can be found and harvested in the Main Biome, the Cherry Meadow, the Mountainside, and the Tropics

New players commonly use Oak wood as their first source of money, as it is worth more than Elm Wood. Oak wood is also commonly used for building due to its easy harvesting.


Oak trees grow relatively fast. This tree is generally small, rarely surpassing the height of Birch Trees. This wood type has a brown exterior, same to the texture of player-owned land, assuming the player does not have Easy Building, and has a nougat colored interior.

Oak trees grow thin and relatively short, usually branching twice into two to three smaller branches each time before stopping. The thickness of the wood is thin and rarely thickish; however, its fast growth time makes it a suitable choice of money for newer players.


Oak wood can be cut with any kind of axe, except the Candy Cane Axe. It is most efficient to harvest this tree in the Main Biome.

It sells for $3.5 money per unit for the log and $10 money per unit for its plank. It sells for less Money than Cherry Wood, more than Elm Wood, and for the same price as Snowglow Wood

Pink Wood

For about a week and a half during June 2016, Pink Wood could be found on rare instances mocking the appearance of Oak trees. Defaultio claimed that it was only for the Xbox console, but people showed evidence it was also on PC. It was removed after one week of its release as it was an accidental feature.

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