Outdoor Watercolor Sketch, by "Bill Polm", is a small painting that can be purchased from the Fine Arts Shop, a shop located within The Maze, for $6 Money. This is currently the cheapest item in the game. Its main use is decoration, such as putting it on a wall.


This painting appears to be quite small. It is bordered with yellowish wooden planks, the same material and color found on the frame of the Disturbed Painting. The painting shows what appears to be a picture of a beach by a forest with a rocky frontier along with a rocky hill. The painting, although it does not suggest any future update, is comparable to the coast of the Tropics.

This item is used for decoration, although the rear of the object could arguably be used for flooring as well. Due to the price, the painting can even be used to mark paths the player has already been on in The Maze to remain on the same track.

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