Palm Wood is a type of wood that only grows on the Sand Islands.  Theoretically, it can be legitimately obtained with a combination of sunken elm trees and long planks, although it is difficult to do so, and it has a reputation for being illegitimately obtained.


They only consist of a trunk and some leaves, however, palm trees often branch out after they have grown for a long time, nearing the end of the tree's life span. Palm trees consistently grow slanted but are still anchored on the ground.

Its exterior is tan in color and is textured with the Slate material. Its interior is also tan and is commonly confused with Fir WoodPine Wood, and Birch Wood planks, as they all have a similar color.

Its leaves, however, are composed of a light-green color and textured with the Grass material. The formation of the leaves is also arranged uniquely and seems to be "jutting out" from the top part of the trunk. There was a glitch where players can attach themselves to a utility vehicle using a wooden chair. However, that glitch is patched and if players attempt to perform the glitch, they will die at the instant after they spawned in the car.

There was also a glitch during April of 2019, where the water would not damage you and you could drive around the seafloor. This was a big opportunity to get a lot of Palm and Snowglow wood easily. The glitch was found on 30th of March 2019 and fixed on the 5th of April 2019.

You can now obtain palm wood by making a door bridge from the main island to the Sand islands. It takes a lot of work and is hard to make.


There is no legitimate way to acquire Palm Wood, as Defaultio himself has stated that the wood was merely designed to be a tease.

The only theoretically legitimate way of getting to these islands is by dragging large pieces of Elm Wood, Pine Wood, or Fir Wood through the Ocean; most attempts were unsuccessful, and returning with Palm Wood is nearly unheard of with this method. However, the door bridge glitch can be used to obtain the wood, in which some players can be successful in.

The tree is able to be cut with any type of Axe except for the Candy Cane Axe.

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