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Phantom Wood, also known as End Times Wood or Lone Cave Tree is a species of wood that was added during the 2016 End Times Update. It is located in the Lone Cave and is the most expensive wood in the game when sold at the Wood Dropoff.


It has an institutional white sand texture for its bark, and previously had a light yellow smooth plastic texture for its interior, before being changed to the institutional white foil texture. On lower render qualities, the foil texture will be toned down until being entirely removed, rendering it as a smooth plastic material. Its leaves have a toothpaste neon texture. It is roughly 1x0.5 studs in size, similar to that of the Test Wood tree. It is one of four woods that has an interior with a different material type.

The tree's overall structure is a dense mix of leaves and intertwining branches that thicken as it matures. The tree also grows extraordinarily fast during its primary growth stages if it is not generated on Server Initialization.

Only a maximum of 1 tree can grow at one time, so after being harvested the player must server-hop to find another tree. Despite the misconception that the tree only grows "once" per server, within the code it can grow again after a player waits 7200 minutes or 120 hours after the tree had been initially planted and the previous tree had died or been cut down.

The End Times Axe is the only axe that can cut the wood, as using other axes will make it fall out of the player's hand in a similar effect to when the Candy Cane Axe is used on any wood. The Chop Saw also does not do any damage to the wood's log. Surprisingly, Dynamite can do damage to the tree, but it is incredibly minimal and should not be used as a method of harvesting or cutting in general.


Before proceeding, the player is required to have these items:

It is also recommended to have the following things:

  • A Worklight (For visibility)
  • A Vehicle (For efficiency)
  • At least $300 Money (For extending the bridge time for about 10 minutes)

Once the required items have been acquired, the player must follow these steps to have a successful and effective harvest:

  1. Position the eye in the circular hole in one of the Bridge Booths, and agree to pay to lower the Bridge.
    • The circular holes are located on the glass panes on the booths' front sides. Once the eye is balanced and motionless, the player must talk to either bridge operators, Seranok or Merely to pay for the bridge. To know if placing the eye was successful, Merely will say "OH, THANKS!", while Seranok will say "WOW THANKS!"
    • If the player wishes to have more time, they can extend it for 3 more minutes by paying $100. This can be extended forever assuming a player has an infinite amount of money.
  2. Stay on the Bridge's platform and wait for it to lower until it connects with the rusty bridge connector in the Lone Cave.
    • The Bridge will start to lower beyond the water and through the ground, and eventually enter the Lone Cave. During lowering, vehicles may experience glitches and it is advisable to refrain from moving the vehicle. The Bridge will continue lowering until it has reached the rusty bridge connector, and will remain idle there until it starts going up after the timer has expired.
  3. Follow the right side path, which will lead to the tree's location.
    • The path splits into two, with the left going to a teleporter that teleports players into the Safari Hole once fallen into, with the right leading to the Lone Cave Tree.
    • Halfway through the pay, it will narrow down until it becomes unsafe for some vehicles to cross. It is advisable to use a worklight to lighten up the path to make visibility better.
  4. Strategically chop the tree by cutting the branches first and bring it back to the vehicle or bridge.
    • The player should analyze the desired branch on how and where it will fall. It is safest to chop a branch where it is guaranteed to land on the ground, as other branches may fall into the void.
    • Because the branches can be intertwined with each other, the player should take caution as branches can violently shake, flinging players and/or vehicles into the void along with itself.
    • Cutting the tree from its base may cause the entire tree to fall into the void, effectively wasting the efforts the player put in to lower the bridge.
  5. Chop the wood into smaller pieces and stack the wood efficiently.
    • The player should chop the branches into straight individual pieces, as the bridge can glitch and may fling the wood anywhere, mostly into the void. It can also clip through the vehicle and bridge if the player is not paying attention, thus it is recommended to keep moving the vehicle back and forth until the bridge is all the way back to safety.
    • Players can also bring the wood into the teleporter hole.
  6. The player must be sure to finish their harvesting trip before the bridge begins to rise, as the player will begin to lose health after the bridge is fully all the way up. This is to prevent exploiters from harvesting the wood without doing all the steps.

Private servers are the best places to harvest Lone Cave Trees, as public servers the tree may have already been harvested or other players will intentionally extend the bridge time. It should be noted that using Phantom Wood as a source of income is generally impractical as the costs of the necessary items for harvesting, the required allocation of time, and the uncertain outcome outweighs the actual monetary value one can get from selling the planks at the Wood Dropoff heavily.

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