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This page is about Pine Wood. You may be looking for Fir Wood.

Pine Wood is a species of wood that is found exclusively in the Taiga. It is usually confused with Fir Wood, but both contrast on special file properties that establish them as different from each other.


It bears a smaller chance of growth, unlike Fir Wood, which dominates the Taiga. It is noticeably thicker than Fir Wood and is harder to mill because of this attribute.

Its branches will branch out to smaller logs, unlike Fir Wood. Notably, the leaves of Pine Wood are larger and more cubical than Fir Wood. The leaf on top of the Pine tree is only a singular, cubical leaf, unlike Fir Wood that has large, multiple leaves.

Its most recognizable characteristic that contrasts Pine Wood from Fir Wood is its height. Pine is much taller than Fir Wood, which makes it easier to distinguish if it's Pine Wood or not. Eventually, it can grow until it reaches the normal height of the Rocks and Cliffs of Lumberland.


It is exclusively found in the Taiga. To access the biome, one may use dynamite to clear the boulders in the biome's entrance, or, on some occasions, simply pass through the wide spaces between the boulders (must be at least the width of a vehicle to work). 

Retrieving is the opposite of entering without the wood. It is recommended to use a Silver Axe or better to chop it, and a Sawmax 01 for milling.

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