Pineapple is a painting that can be purchased from the Fine Arts Shop for $2,406,000 Money. This is one of the three paintings that were published on the same date, September 26th, 2018 as part of the 2018 Halloween Event, but was surprisingly never removed after the event concluded.


This painting features a pineapple laying upright slightly leaned to the right. In the background there is mostly red with an orange tint on the bottom left. The painting is larger than the Outdoor Watercolor Sketch but smaller than the Disturbed Painting.

Other Information

When checking the item, it says that the cost is $240,600 Money, but when brought to the counter to be purchased, Timothy will ask the player for $2,406,000 Money instead, and he will not allow the player to purchase it unless the player owns that amount. This is due to the price tag when checking an item can only have 6 digits or less. It is currently the most expensive item available for purchase in the game, and the second most expensive purchase, the most expensive being Easy Building.

This painting was suggested to Defaultio by wiki user Trainsparency.

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