The Pink Bone Turkey was an Event Item that could be purchased at Wood R Us for $294 Money, as a part of the 2019 Thanksgiving Event. It was located on the shelf next to the Hardened Axes. The turkey at the left top could not be moved.


The Pink Bone Turkey shares the same model as prior turkeys, with a re-texture to give it a pink bone. Much like the other turkeys, the Pink Bone Turkey is able to be cooked in the Volcano the same way as the Lump of Coal, where it will darken over time. There are currently known to be 15 stages for the cooking process, from raw to burnt. The most cooked stage takes 1 hour. The Pink Bone Turkey currently has the most stages for cooking when compared to other's 8 stages.

The color is very similar to the Turkey, meaning that from a distance it looks white because of its light color.


The twelve stages of cooking.

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