Planks are the higher tier of Wood, created by processing Logs. They can be sold at the Wood Dropoff for approximately 8 times the amount of Money that the logs would sell for (This is based on data found in VPS experiments, a series of tests that took place in late 2015 to determine wood prices. Further experiments are encouraged). Different sawmills change how much the plank can be sold for. For instance, the Shabby Sawmill increases the value the least, and the Sawmax 02 increases the value the most.

Planks are created by running logs through a Sawmill. Sawmilling wood removes its outer bark. The wood will also be reshaped to the size displayed on the side of the sawmill. This can be changed to any size the player desires, so long as that size can fit through the hole that the planks exit from. Planks are the key ingredient to blueprints, as blueprints don't allow logs for structures.

Shaving Logs

Planks can be run through a Sawmill as many times as the player wants and will be re-shaped without loss to conform to the Sawmill's "Plank Cross Section" setting. However, as with logs, the sawmill can't process planks more than 10.9 units in length (exception with Sawmax 02L as it can process up to 18.9 units), so if re-shaping a plank results in a plank longer than this, the conversion is irreversible without first chopping the long plank into a more manageable piece. Ten units of a log piece could also be comparable to the length of a truck bed.

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