Unboxed Boxed
PumpkinUnboxed PumpkinBoxed
Location Was at Bob's Shack
Cost Was $360 Money
Type Event Item
Usage Decorative item and light source
In-game Description
"Perfect for warding off the neighborhood youngsters."

The Pumpkin is an item that was only available during the 2015 Halloween Event and could be purchased from Bob's Shack, for $360 Money.

Players use it as a decoration, in showcasing purposes, and as a light source. Its lighting range is as far as the Worklight, which diffuses surrounding the pumpkin itself.


The Pumpkin has a bright, reddish orange color, a bright yellow color emanating from the eyes and mouth of the pumpkin, and supposedly, a burn on its side. The Pumpkin is based on the Roblox hat "Classic ROBLOX Pumpkin Head." It's box sports a dark greyish color with its decal on one side.


A few months ago, the Pumpkin's mesh was disoriented, with Defaultio, the game creator, saying through his Twitter account that it was a result of Roblox changing the way how meshes work. This resulted in a plaid looking orange and black ball. This glitch was fixed only recently.

Pumpkin Orange