Red Ball
Unboxed Boxed
Numberbal Boxed red ball
Location Was at Fancy Furnishings
Cost Was $500 Money
Type Event Item
Usage Decoration
In-game Description
"A red ball with a number on it. The lower the number; the older the ball."

The Red Ball is an item that can be unboxed from the Happy Red Gift of Fun, a gift purchasable at Fancy Furnishings for $500 Money on December 17th, 2015 until December 25th, 2015.


It has a tendency to roll and has a unique number that is determined upon how many times its gift has been opened before.

According to Defaultio, the balls are an economic experiment to see if players would trade for balls with certain numbers. The ball number continues to increase every opening.


Both the Red Ball and its counterparts (the Blue Ball and Green Ball) will not go up a Tilted Conveyor unless a player, log/plank, or dynamite pushes it. A report stating a player having two balls of the same number has been cited. The report has never been heard of ever again.