The Retirement Stand is a platform that held items that are no longer purchasable at the Wood R Us store, and is located 18 studs below the Wood Dropoff.


It is made out of concrete, is grey in coloration, and is about 2 studs thick. It has a fairly large rectangular shape, but in previous versions, it was smaller.

There is another supposed stand next to it, but it is a wooden shelving unit similar to those of Wood R Us. It held the newest wedges and is currently empty.


Alpha Axe

On August the 28th, 2015, the Alpha Axe's box was added to the sandy slope near the Wood Dropoff. Since it was on the slope, players were able to interact with it. Due to this case, Defaultio added and moved it to the Retirement Stand during September 2015. When the 2015 gifts were removed, the stand was made bigger, so the Alpha Axe box will not fall off.

Wedge Blueprints

Sometime during 2016, when wedge blueprints were going to be implemented, they stayed on a shelf next to the stand. They stayed there until it was implemented in the game.


Sometime between June 10, 2016 to June 12 2016, a black worklight box resided at the stand, and was replaced by a grey Wire box and a brown box with the Chop Saw's decal on June 13th, 2016.

Beta Axe

During June 5, 2016, to December 21, 2016, the Beta Axe of Bosses resided on the stand.