The Rock Bridge, often regarded simply as The Rock, is a feature located in the Mountainside that can be used to access the Swamp.


The Rock Bridge has one main purpose: to get players and their vehicles to the Swamp. Players are able to first bring dynamite through the Volcano and continue forward, carefully off of the side of the volcano (the side that faces the Safari). Then, the player can place and detonate the dynamite at (most preferably) the middle of the rock. The rock bridge would then slide down over the Rock Bridge Valley, just over the Rock Bridge Cave.

If the Rock Bridge had slid down over the Rock Bridge Valley recently, the player could then bring their vehicle down to the Volcano entrance, hook up their trailers, and continue to the Swamp. The player would need to stick to the gravel road until it came to a stop. From there, the player would need to look to the right for a small ramp that leads down the cliff. Then, turning to the right at the bottom of it, the player would then come across the Swamp Cavern and, after passing through it, would then arrive at the Swamp.

After collecting desired wood and/or materials, the player would then drive out of the other end of the swamp and follow a smooth mountain valley that leads to the Safari. Alternately, they could use the bridge to go back the way they came. It is noted that this slab of rock is a unanchored piece, meaning that it can be moved with any force. An example would be shift-lockling it or opening a truck's tailgate on the rock. It is to be noted that after several minutes, the bridge would crumble into little segments and despawn, needing to be blown up once more once it respawned in its starting location. Also, it was not recommended to put dynamite on the bridge after it had been blown away from its initial location --- the force of the explosion could fling the bridge off its resting spot.

The Rock Bridge valley, at night time.

Broken Rock Bridge

The Rock Bridge breaking

On October 29th, 2016, some players discovered that by jumping or shift-locking at the bridge, it would eventually roll off. This revealed that the rock bridge was unanchored.

As of August 3rd, 2018, The bridge is once again able to move to detonations, and any other valid method of pushing the bridge.

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