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Rukiryo is one of the three characters of the Den, which is hidden in the Taiga. He is based on the Roblox game developer, Rukiryo (currently goes by AbstractAlex), who made Swordburst 2. He can be found sitting at the right side of the table in the Den. He cannot be interacted with, as he does not contain scripted components such as dialogues, and others.

Not much information is given about the NPC, but as seen from one of the Rukiryaxe Posters, he eats lightbulbs, has a thing for ducks and is secretly jealous of Gusmanak and his ducks. From this given information, he holds a crucial key to the Rukiryaxe quest.


He wears a Dominus Empyreus, a Red Ice Crown, a Black RDC T-Shirt, and a Three Button Suit. He also has the Robloxian 1.0 package, like any other Den member.

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