The Safari is a biome that is separated from the Main Biome by the Bridge. There are three stores located in the Safari: Fancy Furnishings, Boxed Cars, and Bob's Shack. For the wood types, Cherry WoodElm Wood, and Walnut Wood which is exclusively found in Safari. 

During Halloween season, Sinister Wood and Spook Wood can also be found, though rare, in the Safari. They can't grow on the road like in other biomes, possibly due to a typo in the game scripts.

The biome has special features such as the Safari Hole, a teleportation passage that is located on the left cliffsides of the biome, the Safari Square, a circular path that contains Fancy Furnishings and Boxed Cars, and the Safari Point, a removed ledge and an anomaly.


The most used method of accessing the biome is through lowering the Bridge. It can be lowered by paying one of the bridge operators in their Bridge Booths, located at the front of the Bridge itself.

One may cross the River without paying for the lowering of the Bridge, however, it does not include vehicles.

Structural Features

Safari Hole

Due to it being a costly and time-consuming method, it is not recommended to use this method. It involves locating the hole within The Maze or the End Times Biome and going inside it, which teleports the player in the high hole in one of the cliffsides of the Safari.


This method involves creating wide and long planks that should be the same size of the Bridge to fill in the River's gap.

Safari Mountain Passage

This method involves going in the Swamp through the Swamp Cavern and going to its other side. From there, a tilted ramp of rock can be seen leading to the Safari, which is the Safari Mountain Passage. It is the supposed exit of the Swamp but is generally used as an entrance by the players. area are