The Safari Hole, also called the Plains Hole, is a teleportation passage leading from The Maze and End Times Biome into a hole at a cliffside of the Safari.

The hole is a one-way teleportation to the Safari, which means that the hole cannot be used to teleport into The Maze or the End Times Biome. Logs, planks, and players are able to be teleported through the hole, many players get lost and end up coming here and going through, though it is not recommended as a route to blue wood due to its difficult nature and the inability to get vehicles through.


The Safari Hole shares the same design with the surrounding cliffside, brown with a rocky texture.
Lumber Tycoon 2 - Safari Hole- One Way?

Lumber Tycoon 2 - Safari Hole- One Way?

Confirmation of it being one-way in the exit.