The Sawmax 01 is a sawmill purchasable at Wood R Us for $11,000 Money.


It supports a maximum Plank Cross Section of X3 Y2 and can easily process logs up to 2 units in width (though it can process logs up to 3 units in width if the player chops them into smaller chunks and inserts these chunks sideways into the sawmill). It cannot process logs with a length greater than 10.9 units.

It is considered the third-best and expensive sawmill in the game and can roughly mill thick logs. Nearly any type of wood can fit in its input hole, apart from wood types that tend to grow relatively thick. Its input hole's size is nearly as big as the Sawmax 02's hole.

Rarely, players tend to skip the sawmill and buy the Sawmax 02 instead, though the Sawmax 02 is double the price of the Sawmax 01.


The Sawmax 01 looks roughly similar to the Sawmax 02 in size and color, but can easily be differentiated. The Sawmax 01 sports a duller shade than the Sawmax 02, which both has a pastel-brown color, boxed and unboxed. Despite the color and properties, it possesses the same features that other sawmills have.

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