The Sawmax 02 is a sawmill that can be purchased from Wood R Us for $22,500 Money.


It supports a maximum Plank Cross Section of 3 studs for the X-axis and 2.6 studs for the Y-axis. It can easily process logs up to 2.6 units in width (though it can process logs slightly bigger than that by using glitches to push the log inside of it, or up to 3 units in width if the player chops them into smaller chunks and inserts these chunks sideways into the sawmill). It cannot process logs with a length greater than 10.9 units.

It is the second sawmill in the Sawmax series and is currently the second-best sawmill in the game. What makes it a high tier sawmill is its 2.6 units wide input hole, which, together with the Sawmax 02L, currently is the largest among all the sawmills.

Despite its efficiency, base logs of some trees like Koa, Lava, Pine Wood or Cavecrawler Wood will occasionally not fit in its input hole but can be milled by using a glitch. It has a longer variant, Sawmax 02L, which can mill wood up to 19.5 units long.


It has a bright, pastel-brown color, which remains the same when boxed and unboxed. It is roughly similar to the Sawmax 01 in size and color. It sports the same features any sawmill has.

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