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Sawmills are structures are primarily used to process logs into planks but can also be used to change the shapes of existing planks. There are currently 5 sawmills in the game, all available for purchase from Wood R Us.


Plank Production

To turn logs into planks (or change the shapes of existing planks), a player must insert them into the loading hole of the sawmill. The sawmill will produce a plank at its other end if the log (or set of logs, if an entire branch of connected logs is inserted) does not violate either of two conditions:

  1. The log must not be longer than the maximum allowed length for the sawmill (10.9 units for most sawmills, 18.9 units for the Sawmax 02L).
  2. The log's volume must be greater than or equal to the volume required to create a plank with a length of 0.2 units using the current Plank Cross Section settings.

Plank Size

The sizes of planks produced by a sawmill can be controlled using the two Plank Cross Section settings on the sawmill's left side. These settings can be adjusted by interacting with the arrow buttons --- right arrow interactions increase values by 0.2 units while left arrow interactions decrease values by 0.2 units.

  • The X setting, with a minimum value of 0.6 units and maximum value based on the sawmill being used, determines the width (length side to side) of planks produced by that sawmill.
  • The Y setting, with a minimum value of 0.4 units and maximum value based on the sawmill being used, determines the height (length top to bottom) of planks produced by that sawmill.

The lengths of planks produced by a sawmill depend on the current Plank Cross Section settings and the sizes of the logs (or existing planks) used to produce them. Smaller X and Y settings produce longer planks while larger ones produce shorter planks.

Particularly small logs will not be processed into planks if the Plank Cross Section settings are set too large to produce a large enough plank, while particularly large logs will be processed into planks which are too long to fit on some Conveyors if the Plank Cross Section is set too small, so care should be taken to ensure that the X and Y settings of the player's sawmill are appropriate for the logs being processed.


All sawmills are equipped with a "BLOCKAGE" indicator above the loading hole which begins to flash if the sawmill detects a blockage preventing planks from leaving its other end. While the indicator is flashing, the sawmill automatically halts its operations and will not restart until the blockage in the front of the unloading hole is cleared.

All sawmills are mounted on 8-unit-wide concrete bases that do not have collision enabled, allowing players and other objects to pass through them. The ends of sawmills are compatible with all types of conveyors.

A warning about not operating the sawmill when intoxicated is present, but the green mist doesn’t present much of a hazard, making this either an attempt at realism or as a joke. Also, another warning about keeping hands clear is present as well, but agains is another joke or a poke at realism, due to a lack of true hands and only a green mist in place of a saw.

Sawmill Types

Properties Shabby Sawmill Fair Sawmill Sawmax 01 Sawmax 02 Sawmax 02L
Cost (Money) 130 1,600 11,000 22,500 86,500
Maximum Log Length (Units) 10.9 18.9
Maximum Log Width (Units) 1.4 1.6 2 2.6
Maximum Cross Plank Section (Units) X1.8 Y1.2 X2.4 Y1.6 X3 Y2 X3 Y2.6