Seranok is one of the operators of the Bridge, and is based on the Roblox administrator, Seranok. He is located in the Bridge Booth, on the Main Biome side of the Bridge. No scripted components can be found in him, apart from his dialogs.

His brother in real life, Merely who can be found in opposite bridge booth in the Safari, works alongside him as another operator of the Bridge in the game.

As said in one of the notes of the Bulletin Board, he prefers ice cream to all other foods or earthly pleasures in general.


Seranok wears the Puss' in Boots Hat, Steampunk Shades, Red and Black Jacket, and John Pants. He is also the only character that has the Gunslinger package and has the "Visual Studio Seized Up For 45 Seconds... Again" face.


"I'll lower this bridge for you for $100."

  • "What's the catch?": No catch, but I'll only let it down for three minutes."
    • "That's ridiculous!": "Okay."
    • "Okay, I'll take the deal.": "Hehe, thanks."
  • "It's a deal.": "Hehe, thanks."
  • "Goodbye!": conversation ends
  • If the Bridge is already down:"I'll keep the bridge down for another 3 minutes for $100."
  • "Take my money.": "Hehe, thanks."
    • If the player does not have $100 Money: "Hey, you tryin' to hustle me?"
  • "How long will the bridge be down?": "(number) minutes and (number) seconds."
  • "Goodbye!": conversation ends