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Server Initialization is a process in the game that occurs when a player joins a newly created server. It will appear as a grey and blurry GUI that says "Server initializing..." on the top and numbers that indicates the growth speed of trees (top), the amount of trees that needs to be rendered (middle), and the amount of assets that need to be rendered (bottom).

The text on the bottom of the GUI reads and operates as is. When the numbers all count down to zero, the GUI and its text will disappear and will now show the welcoming GUI. It is meant for the growth of trees (which grows at an accelerated rate, starting from a sapling and growing into adult stage in a matter of seconds), to prepare features ready for interaction (for example, the Boulders that fill up the entrance that blocks the passage to the Taiga), and prevent glitches.


A glitch that occurs when a player loads in their Land right after the initialization leaves players stuck on the waiting process when loading their base.