The Shabby Sawmill is a sawmill that can be purchased from Wood R Us for $130 Money.


It supports a maximum Plank Cross Section of X1.8 Y1.2 and can easily process logs up to 1.4 units in width (though it can process logs up to 1.8 units in width if the player chops them into smaller chunks and inserts these chunks sideways into the sawmill). It cannot process logs with a length greater than 10.9 units.

It is the most inexpensive sawmill in the game, often referred to as a "beginner's sawmill". Wood such as branches of Oak, Cherry, or Birch Wood is mostly the size of its input hole, however, one may perform a glitch to process big logs.


The Shabby Sawmill sports a brown color, and is textured to the Wood Planks material, unlike other sawmills which are made out of the Concrete material. It has the same components of any sawmill; the BLOCKAGE sign, Plank Cross Section, and emits green puffs inside it.

The box of the sawmill is golden-orange in color, with its decal on its largest sides and letters spelled SAWMILL on its top and bottom side. The decal on the box, however, does not have green puffs emitting inside it.

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