The Silver Axe is an axe that replaced the Beta Axe of Bosses after the Beta Testing Stage ended. It can be purchased at Wood R Us for $2,040 Money. This axe is needed in order to obtain the Bird Axe.


Its steel is colored grey, while the handle is slightly dull-looking and has a grey strap near its base. Its box is colored grey, with a picture of the Silver Axe in a horizontal position.


The axe can be be bought off of the Wood R Us store, hence the player only requires enough Money ($2,040) to buy it. It is located at a wooden shelf farthest to the counter.


As said before, this axe is an advanced axe with about 95% of the Rukiryaxe power, so making it the fifth (after the Amber Axe with 3.73 power, the Many Axe with 10.2 damage, the Rukiryaxe with 1.68 damage, and the End Times Axe with 1.58 damage) strongest axe in the game. 

It can chop every wood in the game except for Phantom Wood, and will instead drop out of the player's hand.

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