The Single Bed, titled "Bed", is a decorational furniture item that is purchasable at Fancy Furnishings for $250 Money.


Unboxed, it will appear as a complete bed with dark-brown railings and a headboard, a white mattress and a hyperrectangular pillow, all textured SmoothPlastic.

Its box is dark-brown in color, and has its decal on the front side of the box.


To obtain the Single Bed, the player must first pay 100 money to the Bridge Booth. Then, when the Bridge descends, they must follow the road and take a right. After that, they may enter Fancy Furnishings, which will be on the left. After entering, they may find a shelf on the far right, holding the Single Bed box. The player must then drag the box to the counter, near the front of the store, and agree with Corey to purchase the item.

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