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Sinister Wood is a type of wood that was introduced during the 2015 Halloween Update, along with Spook Wood, and became an annual occurrence every successive October. It is the most elusive tree in the game; having a 1% chance to spawn instead of a Spook tree.

Similarly to Spook Wood, this tree is generally sold among players, used for blueprints, or duplicated due to its unique neon color and rarity.

Disclaimer: The Lumber Tycoon 2 Wiki does not support duplication of any kind!


Sinister trees use the same growth variables as Spook, commonly growing twisted, bent and complex, but it is modified to have a granite exterior with a neon interior, along with being much rarer. It is a misconception that Sinister grows differently than Spook, originally being believed that Sinister tended towards thinner branches, but this is not true. The planks also have a neon material, which emits an orange glow.

As of Halloween 2020, the bark exterior of Sinister Trees was changed to granite, once again giving it the ability to reflect light to the camera. To identify if a tree found is a Sinister instead of a Spook without chopping it down, look to see if the exterior has a unique texture, as Spook trees have the texture Smooth Plastic, which is texture less.

Unlike Spook Wood, Sinister Wood is not as heavy as it.


As Sinister trees are a rarer variety than its Spook counterpart, it exhibits every growth characteristic and requirement a Spook tree may need.

The tree grows on any material named Ground, Road, or Slate (in Roblox Studio).

  • Slate: any rock or cliff in the game, color does not matter.
  • Ground: typically grass that trees grow on in their respective biomes.
  • Road: any road in the game, excluding the Safari road.

A major misconception about Sinister hunting is "hot spots" that it grows in. Sinister trees will tend to grow in areas with more parts that it can choose from, typically around the Swamp, the Mountainside, the Taiga, and the Tropics.


Spook Wood, along with Sinister Wood, typically began to grow when Defaultio announced "It's about to get spooky" on Twitter. However, he did not tweet this in 2017 and after, and it is unlikely that he will either in the future.

From 2015 to 2018, Sinister Trees glowed a very noticable gray color, although this was how Roblox rendered neon black at the time. It was very easy to see if a tree was a Sinister rather than a Spook from far away. In 2019, Lumber Tycoon 2 switched to the Shadowmap lighting techmology. Because the new lighting had also removed glow from dark neon materials, it caused Sinister trees to lose their gray coloration and made them look similar to Spook Trees. The only way to identify Sinister trees during this time was to check if the bark did not reflect any light from any angle when viewing the tree. Defaultio decided to change the material of the Sinister Tree's bark to a black granite texture during October 2020, making it easier to identify a Sinister tree from a Spook tree.

For more images of Spook or Sinister trees, here is an archive of the multiple blog posts focused on Spook/Sinister hunting.

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