The Sleigh is a trailer that can be unboxed from the Jingly Gift of Jingles, a gift that was part of the 2016 Christmas Event. The sleigh was another user-inspired object in the game, being a modified version of a sleigh made by users Jerricks and Unikarnz.

In the rear of the sleigh, there are 2 seats for other players to sit. The sleigh has no friction with the ground, so it does directly affect the vehicle physics.

Respawn Price

This sleigh costs $2,000 Money to re-spawn, which may seem to be expensive for many newer players. This trailer is also the most expensive to respawn, compared to every other vehicle.


This trailer is quite glitchy and is not recommended to use it to carry Wood. It cannot fit as much wood as other trailers. There is a risk of the wood falling out, the barriers are not around the whole Sleigh.

Interestingly, the Sleigh appears to have a better performance on snow (in the Taiga Biome) compared to its use on other materials. The sleigh, when on snow, will have much less friction, and it will slide when enough force is applied by the vehicle tugging it.

The player can operate the sleigh without a car by picking up the hitch while standing inside the Sleigh (this, however, is most likely a bug). The player also cannot put loose objects like gifts or axes into the sleigh, otherwise, it will not move.

The Sleigh will not transfer ownership 100% of the time like other items, instead it might take you a couple of tries for the boxed version to save to other players plots'. This glitch makes it annoying to sell to others and impossible to dupe.

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