The Snow Peninsula is a geographic feature branching off the Taiga and is often a popular spot for Spook and Sinister Wood to grow.


The Snow Peninsula is located along the Taiga coast, next to the Ocean Cove and the Cliff Peninsula, and sits roughly above the Lost Cave. It consists primarily of a flow of Cliffs that descend slowly into the Ocean. These rocks that make up the entirety of the peninsula share the same brown coloration as the rest of the surrounding mountainside, having the same material (or texture), called "Slate".

The peninsula is fairly straight, containing a few cliffs that protrude from the side. This geographic feature is located 'on the border' between the Taiga and the Main Biome, in line with the Snow Cave. When on top of the Volcano, the Snow Peninsula appears to be a distant mountain range due to the ocean being cut off from the viewer by the distance fog. The peninsula appears to float above the water by several studs. The Snow Peninsula, The Cliff Peninsula, and the water in between them are together called the Ocean Cove.

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