The Snowglow Bin, alternatively known as the Glowing Fir Bin, was first introduced in the Roblox's "Winter Games 2017" Event and located on the left side of the Winter Cabin. The main use was to process Snowglow Wood logs into firewood and then was used to "warm up" the players during the event. To open the Snowglow Bin, hold (left-click) the wooden cover up to the top. To close, do the opposite.


It only appears as a tiny portion of the whole Winter Cabin. It is a dark brown bin with a white and red meter and a wooden lid. After the Winter Games, the red meter was removed along with Snowglow Wood.


The Snowglow bin was used to convert Snowglow Wood to firewood to fill the cabin. You can tell when it has not been used when the red arrow is facing direct left. In order to fill the bin completely, a player must put Snowglow Wood into the bin until the red arrow is pointing direct right. Once the maximum capacity is reached, the player who had put the last log needed was awarded the SkiiPack accessory. Now If you throw logs into the bin, they will appear in the fireplace, on fire, providing light within the cabin.


If you are almost finished filling the bin to maximum capacity, other players might try and throw logs in just before it is filled to try and steal the SkiiPack prize.

Occasionally, when you drop Snowglow Wood in the bin, it will not register the wood. Moving to another server may fix this.


A glitch occurs that if the bin is already filled, there's a chance that with only one piece you can get the badge and the price of the log.

With the event over, the Snowglow Bin now resides underneath Wood R Us

You can actually add some Pine/Fir Wood to the Snowglow bin and the chimney of the winter cabin will slowly fill up

The hatch was actually known to be buggy because it happened on Roblox's twitch stream.

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