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Spook Wood is a type of wood that was introduced during the 2015 Halloween Update, along with Sinister Wood, and became an annual occurrence every successive October.


Spook Wood is a textureless, completely black bark, with a granite CGA Brown interior. Because the material of the wood is granite, its countertop form will have the same appearance as its planks.

Spook is the third densest tree in the game, often requiring lots of chops to successfully cut down. When the game attempts to spawn a Spook, there is a 1/100 chance that it will be replaced by a Sinister instead. Spook trees tend to commonly grow quite bent over, almost always be found in strange and twisted shapes similar to Zombie Wood.

It should also be noted that it is extremely heavy (depending on its size), especially in plank form, which may pose many difficulties transporting. 


Spook trees can spawn on grass, cliffs, and roads. It is one of only two species that can grow on cliffs and roads, the other of course being Sinister. It is recommended for a End Times Axe or Many Axe for cutting, since this is very dense.

A major misconception with Spook/Sinister trees are "hot spots;" as with any other tree types, they are spread evenly across the map and have an equal chance of spawning in any locations that permit its growth. However, they will still be found more often in larger biomes due to them having more surface area.

It should be noted that these trees cannot grow during Server Initialization due to a time buffer. Current tests suggests that a Spook tree may spawn every 25 hours. As a result, it is highly inefficient to hunt for these trees in VIP servers as a tree requires a long wait period, when public servers may have adult trees grown. Additionally, they cannot spawn in any caves, even ones that permit growth such as the Cavecrawler Cavern, due to how the spawning mechanics work. Spook trees require approximately 100 studs of vertical space in order to spawn.

Remember, Spook trees are not obligated to make themselves harvestable; they can spawn in nearly inaccessible locations such as the Maze Ledge and the Tropics-Taiga land bridge. They can be very challenging and elusive, and one may not always be able to legitimately recover one.


Spook wood was teased several days before October of 2015, when Defaultio teased on twitter "Things are about to get spooky." He teased a similar message in 2016, but did not do the same any year afterwards. The first spook trees were found on October 11, 2015, and like any other year grew throughout the month. However, it is speculated that they had unusual spawning mechanic because Spook spawning was manual in 2015.

On October 31, 2015, the rate of spook growth skyrocketed; up to three trees could be seen in the same line of sight. This was the only Halloween not in the theme of the End Times; it may be possible for the same thing to happen in future Halloweens, but it will not be as easy to see multiple spook trees at once. No other media showing two or more rooted spook trees has surfaced since 2015.

Spook Wood made a surprising reappearance in December of 2015, where players showed screenshots of it spawning. Unfortunately, this was a time when it's growth was controlled differently, and is extremely unlikely to ever occur again in the future. Additionally, a Spook was found in September of 2016, just 10 days before October had arrived. It was the only instance in which the tree was found in any month other than October, November, or December, and was likely the result of strange manual spawning. Because no other trees were found for 10 days, it could have been an intentional spawning. It was found by a friend of User:Lancept02. Spook grew automatically past 2017 and continues to do so today, removing odd occurrences in non-October months. On September 30th, 2021, a discord user by the name of Tflanigan123 found a spook tree, becoming a rare instance where servers where offset. Link:

Spook spawning is not continuous throughout October, however; saplings appear to grow as a cluster around 6:00 A.M. EST, and grow throughout the day until they die or are cut. The gaps between the deaths of these trees and the next spawnings are often referred to as "droughts." Sometimes Spooks skip a "spawning" stage and a larger drought continues until the next day when the cycle is ready to start over. Another common explanation for droughts are Roblox updates on Wednesdays that forcefully close servers, resetting the Spook growth cycle.

For more images of Spook or Sinister trees, here is an archive of the multiple blog posts focused on Spook/Sinister hunting.

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