The Stone Axe was an item that could only be obtained in the early development of Lumber Tycoon 2. It was later replaced by the Basic Hatchet, due to that fact that the axe had not been re-textured in any way.


The box containing the axe was yellow and Plastic in texture, similar to the Basic Hatchet. It depicts an image of the axe, and poses the phrase "YES IT'S AN AXE" surrounding the axe's decal. It is untextured, although it is reshaped. The detail is identical to the Presidential Vampire Slaying Ax, a Roblox gear item. On the end knob of the axe, a white "L" print can be found.


An agreeable reason for the axe's replacement is that the axe itself did not look like a starter axe to Defaultio. The box of the axe can be found in the VIP Room, a structure contains many other items and objects that could be found during the early Alpha Testing Stage.

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