The Strange Man is an NPC located inside his den within the Lost Cave, with the ability to grant the player Easy Building if they agree to pay the $10,009,000 Money cost.


He wears a Hooded Cloak of Astral Isles and a Pink Princess Cloak (but with a different vertex compared to the original), and a Dark Cloak shirt and Dark Cloak pants. He also has the Robloxian 2.0 package, and a Headless Head.


"I can grant you the power to build with ease. The cost is $10,009,000."

  • "I do not wish for this.": "Very well."
  • If the player picks "I wish for this." with sufficient Money: "As you wish."
  • If the player picks "I wish for this." with insufficient Money: "Fool, return when you have sufficient funds."

If the player already purchased Easy Building: "I hope your gift is treating you well."

The Easy Building that the Strange Man offers to the player has the same use as the Super Blueprint gamepass and when bought will change the color of the Blueprint Manager item icon from blue to gold after a shot period of time.


To get to the Strange Man the player must first travel through the Lost Cave and navigate their way to the Strange Man´s den. The den is hard to reach using legitimate means because the Lost Cave is hard to reach and far out of the way inside of the Snow Peninsula. Once to the entrance of the Cave the player must use dynamite to make the rock sitting on top of the entrance disappear. The player must then Travel inside, usually bringing Floodlights to light their way, and find their way through the maze-like structure until they reach the den.

It is recommended the player use a map of the cave, as the cave has a few twists and turns and height changes within it.

One thing that makes it particularly difficult to reach is that the player must bring a step stool of some sort to climb up one section of wall that blocks the players way.

There is also an alternate method using a truck and a small floor blueprint to clip through the floor of the Taiga into the Strange Man´s den.

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