The Strange Pumpkin is an event item added on October 4th, 2017, and was purchasable at Bob's Shack for $500 Money as part of the 2017 Halloween Event.


Players commonly use it as a decoration, showcasing purposes, and/or as a Light Source. Its lighting range is as far as the Worklight, but diffuses in all directions and emits green light.

It was placed on the shelving unit next to Bob which is usually a shelf only for limited items. When this item could be bought, a sign on top saying "Limited Stock" could be found. Also, when removed from its original position, it seemed to regenerate a box faster than the previous years.


The Green Pumpkin seems to have a visually similar appearance to the Pumpkin, disregarding color. The green pumpkin exhibits a jet black and dark green exterior and a gradient transition of green in its interior while giving off a green light. A small streak of color is present on the stem.

For some reason, the image on the box is not centered, probably because the size of the box is different from the other pumpkins or the image is not squared.

The Roblox and wiki user "Unikarnz" has made the retexture of this item. Although, the glowing effect has been removed to match the other pumpkins.

This pumpkin is based off a Roblox hat called "Eerie Pumpkin Head".

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