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The Sweet Gift is a gift that was purchasable from Wood R Us for $13,000 Money, released on December 11th, 2016, as a part of the 2016 Christmas Event. Soon after, Defaultio lowered the price to $6,000 Money before Christmas Day. When unwrapped, it reveals a boxed Candy Cane Axe.


This gift has red and white stripes, similar to a candy cane. It has white ribbons around the gift and a small white bow at the top. The gift is rather small, and was located on the same shelf in Wood R Us as all of the Turkeys. The present design is the same as the design of the Fiery Gift of Lumber and the Gift of Great Times.


It could be found at Wood R Us. In order for the player to purchase the Sweet Gift, they needed $6,000 Money.

After confirming they have the necessary amount of money, one must walk to the rear of the Wood R Us and locate the shelf nearest to the Wood Dropoff machines. On that shelf, two items would have been found: the Hardened Axe and a row of Sweet Gifts. Once brought to the counter, the player could purchase the gift from Thom.

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