The Taiga, also referred to as the Snow Biome, or Tundra, is a biome next to the Cherry Meadow and is blocked by boulders of the Snow Cave. Fir Wood, Pine Wood, and, at the top, Frost Wood, are exclusive in this biome.

Other geographic features such as the Den, the Lost Cave, the Snow Arch, the Taiga Mountain Passage, the Mountain Passage Cave, the Taiga Peak, and the Taiga Peak Cave (Which holds Frost Wood.) can be found here.

It was also the location of ROBLOX's "Winter Games 2017" Event, which had the addition of the Taiga Scaffold, the Winter Cabin, and Snowglow Wood.


To access the biome, the player must have at least one piece of Dynamite to clear off most of the boulders at the entrance. Once cleared, the player may now proceed to travel within the biome.

Though dynamite-usage is recommended, the boulders are usually spacious enough to let a player through the biome, but without a vehicle.