The Taiga Mountain Passage is an inclined roadway linking the surface of the Taiga to the Taiga Peak. The passage consists of a sloping incline with a series of sharp turns and long drops that lead either to the ocean below or small crevices between the rocks. Once in these crevices, there is no way for the player to get out, other than resetting.

The Mountain Passage can be found at the far end of the Taiga, midway between the Winter Cabin and the Den. The passage itself can be difficult to spot due to the fog and the fact that its color is identical to that of the surrounding rocks. If a player travels up, they will come across the Mountain Passage Cave, and at the very top, the Taiga Peak, with the Ruined Lighthouse cave off to the side of the trail.

This ramp was added as a part of the January Mega Update.

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