The Lonely Giraffe is a painting that can be purchased from the Fine Arts Shop for $26,800 Money. It was released on December 7th, 2018. It was assumed to be a temporary event item, but like other previous paintings that were not in gift form, it remained as a permanent addition to the Fine Arts Shop.

The painting was created by Roblox User and Youtuber, MumazingGaming, which can be seen here.


It sports a Lilly White frame with a lone giraffe in the center. The giraffe appears to be standing on a beach with water in the background. It is larger than the Outdoor Watercolor Sketch and smaller than the Gloomy Seascape at Dusk.

After it's release to the Shop, the painting itself inside of its white frame was unachored to the frame, and fell out when placed; however, this has been patched.


The frame, color edited.

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