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The Many Axe is an axe that was implemented for the ''Mah Bucket's'' Beesmas 2018 Event: The Gift of Bees, as its easy gift reward for day 4. Although it was the reward for it, players had to purchase it for $38,004 Money from Fancy Furnishings in order to obtain it. This was NOT a free item, unlike the previous year's Beesmas reward, the Beesaxe.

The axe was removed from intended obtainment, as the small maze below Fancy Furnishings was removed on January 1st , but the axe could still be seen underneath the store respawning and plundering into the void in a constant loop, as there was nothing there to support it.

It deals a chop with great damage to wood, though its swing cooldown is slow, which offers a balance between the efficiency with other axes. It was created by the event organizer, Mah_Bucket. The Many Axe is better for chopping smaller pieces of wood with 1 hit because of its long cooldown.


It has 5 heads, three near the top of the handle—in which the upper-most head has a small one jutting out from the top of it—and a small one on the bottom of the handle; hence the name of the axe. The handle has the same length to that of the End Times Axe, in spite of the heads on it. The knob of the axe has a small white frowning face, similar to the face of a Wobblebobble, but turned upside down.

Its box is made of wooden planks with a similar color to that of Cherry Wood planks. When the player first obtains the box from the store, the black text on it says, "The Many Axe". This will be changed when the player reloads their Land, in which it will state "MANY". The text will stay and will not change back.


The Many Axe could not be found within the store as a displayed item; it was hidden beneath the store and could be accessed by opening the displayed Refrigerator. Doing so revealed a maze that required the player to search for the room the axe lays upon. The room contained a powered lightbulb, a platform in stone and yellow carpet that displayed the axe. Above the platform was a code that is unique and different from every player, and is a key from finishing the Beesmas 2018 event's day 4 Easy Gift.

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