Thom is supposedly the owner of the Wood R Us. He is located in the store, behind the counter. As seen from his dialogues, he is a friendly person. He has the same dialogue with Corey and Jenny. As many players speculate, Ruhven, the supposed owner of Yes! – it's the Land Store, is Thom's sibiling. However, the game-creator did not confirm this speculation yet, so it remains as a theory.


Thom wears a Green Banded Top Hat, Silverthorn Antlers, a xC3110x Suit, and Suit with Red Tie Bottom. He also has the Robloxian 2.0 package, and a constant smile.

He wore an aqua-colored winter sweater during the ROBLOX's "Winter Games 2017" Event.


"Find anything you like and put it on the counter!"

  • If an item is on the counter: "Buy this (item name) for (item's price) Money?"
    • If player picks "Yes" with sufficient Money for the item's price: "Thank you!"
    • If player picks "Yes" with insufficient Money for the item's price: "You don't have enough money you punk!"
    • "No": "Sorry m8"
    • If the item disappears/falls down the counter when buying: "Oops, did your item fall off the counter?"

If player buys a blueprint without any Land: "You need to own land to build this (blueprint name). Are you sure you want to buy this for (blueprint price)?"


Thom in the winter.