Timothy is the supposed owner of the Fine Arts Shop, located within The Maze. He is the first character to open shop in The Maze. He is very friendly and polite to the customer, as seen from his dialogues.


Timothy wears a Beret with Mustache, Red Spikes of Victory (pink version), a Monocle, a Skinny Tie, a Striped shirt, and White pants.


"Ah, a customer, please browse my collection."

  • If an item is on the counter: "Buy this (item name) for (item price)?"
    • If player picks "Yes" with sufficient Money for the item price: "Thank you, kind gentleperson."
    • If player picks "Yes" with insufficient Money for the item price: "Hey, what are you trying to pull? Come back with more money."
    • "No": "Ah, well come back another day!"
    • If the item disappears/falls off counter before buying: "Oh, I think I lost your item."
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