The Turkey was a limited-time item that was released for Thanksgiving 2016. It was found covering an entire shelf at Wood R Us for $200 Money. It is only used for decoration or for showcasing purposes, as it does not contain any useful or special components. Since then, Defaultio has made the bone different colors for the other Thanksgivings.


The Turkey sports a golden-brown color, roughly resembling a real cooked turkey. Its box's coloration is a plain white color and has a decal of the turkey on its front side.


Cooking the Turkey requires the same process of burning the Lump of Coal. To cook a Turkey, one must first remove it from its box and take it to any health-damaging area in the Volcano. The longer the player leaves it there, the darker it will become. The minimum cooking time of the Turkey is 5 minutes and the most burnt stage takes 20 minutes. There are 8 stages of coloration in the turkey starting from the color when it is unboxed to the burnt stage.

There was a rumor about feeding a burned turkey to the character that is seen under the bridge leading to the Safari biome or the "Feed Me Guy." (refer to Sorcus). This has been proven unsuccessful.


The item used to revert back to its uncooked stage after the player rejoined the game and reloaded their Land, but after November 26, 2016, cooked Turkeys saved will maintain their color.

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