The Underground Grove is a pathway found circling within the bottom-left walls of the Volcano. It circles the Lava Cavern and gives access to the Lava Trail.


It has a ring of grass which allows Oak and Birch Wood to grow on it, and next to it is a ring of lava, also circling the inner walls of the Volcano.

Though it is mostly safe from the "heat" of the Volcano, it also has certain areas in which the player will still be damaged by the obstacle.


  • Boulder Cave method: in this method, the player must first go into the Boulder Cave, and locate a small hole found on the back wall of the cave. A thorough tutorial can be found here.
  • "Mad Games" Glitch method: the player must first go at the top of the Volcano and walk down a certain side of the walls. A thorough tutorial can be found here.
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