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Greetings! My name is Ender, and I'm an lead on the Roblox Interwiki Project. I love to play adventure games (got to love Minecraft). Feel free to stop by my talk page or find me on Discord.

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I am Ender. As you can tell I am a Minecraft guy, but I don't care about what people think of me.

I spend a good portion of my time trying to be on here and be part of the community. I joined the wiki February 18, 2016 making templates in secret. I became a moderator on this wiki 12 June 2016, and became admin 10 October 2016. I became head admin on 19 June 2020.

I found this wiki probably in mid to late January 2016. It was until February when I started working on a new design for the infoboxes (the ones you see now) behind the shadows. I learned how to better design the infoboxes after many tries and research on what does what. I became a familiar face in the community sometime in March or April and became someone which others would be able to trust.

One of my greatest achievements on Fandom is creating the Roblox Interwiki Project. I created a template to be used as a navigational aid for visitors to find what game they were looking for, much like the many other navigational footers Fandom has. I didn't expect the project to grow so much and become so complex as it is now. By creating the template, I unknowingly created a joint between multiple communities, and even became a small community of its own.

Aside from that, the game that interested me the most was Lumber Tycoon 2. While I don't play much of the game anymore, I am a very active member in Lumber Tycoon 2 community. I am the first and only member to date that has held a staff position in all of LT2's official groups: the LT2 Wiki, Lumber Tycoon 2 Fans, and Lumber Chat Discord. While I no longer hold a staff position on Lumber Chat Discord, I work hard to come up with new ways to improve the relationships and cooperation between the three groups and to improve the connection between the communities these groups offer.

I take much pride in the work I put into making a better community out of the game, and I hope it can make a lasting difference.



  • Expand short articles
  • Create a design overhaul

Note: for certain namespace, check body tag for .ns.

Many of the templates on this wiki were designed by me, please ask permission to use the design.

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