hi, this is my page because i have a page and its a page, so yeah page here.

i like to make fanon stuff because my family thinks im creative and i probably are

fanon stuff i made (in order of creation):

Premium Axe: no

Swamp Wood: cavecrawler wood, but not neon

Sobbledobble: a wobble that can detect players (fanon of the month feb 2021!)

Wedge: haha ClassName: WedgePart go BRRRRRRRRR

Cave Wood: i made dirt wood

Wobblebodies: boblox toys but in boblox

Mobblepobble: oh no i accidentally removed all the color without removing the face oh nooo

Wobs: shoop

Crafting Crate: this is lumber tycoon not minecraft!

Sawmax XL: log too big for your sawmill 02? well f### you this is a fanon

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