Four year old kid with good grammar

Has a good cheap shop that you could buy from

You could rip him off with stuff


This is GoogleGuy1's information on contacts. Feel free to add him on any of these and make sure to message me (on wiki) so I know who your are!
  • Discord: Uno Reverse Card#9244 | Notes: If I change my username I will update the wiki about page's discord contact.
  • ROBLOX: Mqstzr | Notes: I will not be changing my name.


This is GoogleGuy's Activity on how active he is.


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- Active all times (Weekends only)

Fandom Links

Smoke Wood

Bag full of Lava

Rocky Rocks

Oxygen Tank

Snorkel Mask X


Bigger Rock

Tactical Axe

Taser Axe

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